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CTIS Specifications


For U.S. Government and Foreign Military Sales opportunities, please ask for the system Federal Stock Number designations.

Electrical 24VDC; 3 1/2 A
Ambient Operating Temp -50°F to +140°F or -46°C to +60°C
Air Supply 80-100 PSI (5.56 BAR-6.69 BAR) dry air; 140 PSI (9.7 BAR) max
Tire Pressure Settings The CM All Terrain Mobilizer will accommodate all settings recommended by the tire manufacturer.

Mud, Sand, Snow

AIR BRAKE PRIORITY Emergency Operation - Via its fail-safe feature, All Terrain Mobilizer disengages if the vehicle air supply system falls below 85 PSI (5.86 BAR).
RUN FLAT Emergency Operation - All Terrain Mobilizer detects flat tires and maintains 6 PSI (0.4 BAR) tire pressure manually and/or automatically. This eliminates costly work disruptions.
FLAT/LEAKAGE DETECTION Emergency Operation - If All Terrain Mobilizer cannot maintain a 6 PSI (0.4 BAR) system pressure for more than two minutes, its Low Air warning light alerts the operator.
AUTOMATIC REPAIRED TIRE INFLATION Emergency Operation - Inflates tires automatically after replacement or repair. Eliminates pre-manual inflation, reduces down-time.
OVER SPEED PROTECTION The system provides safe driving conditions by re-setting successively to tire pressures safe for higher vehicle speeds.
AUTOMATIC PRESSURE CHECK CYCLE To improve tire life and detection of leaking tires, All Terrain Mobilizer periodically scans tire pressures and adjusts them as required.
INFLATION TIMES The system inflates tires within five to fifteen minutes, depending on the vehicle’s compressor capacity.
BLACK OUT MODE All Terrain Mobilizer LEDs emit less than 640 nm peak wave length, beyond the detection capability of most infra-red devices.


  • Durability-cycling at ambient temperatures from -50°F to +140°F or -46°C to +60°C.
  • Electrical susceptibility and emissions requirements per MIL STD 461D and 462D.
  • Relative humidity per MIL STD S10.
  • Vibration per MIL STD 810E.
  • Steam clean and pressure wash per SAE J 1455.
  • Various electrical system tests per MIL-STD-1275 A.



The CTIS as manufactured by CM  Automotive Systems Inc. (CMASI), is classified as a commercial\Industrial product and it is tested in rigorous environments to meet functional requirements as specified by the customer. CMASI Quality Assurance policies are certified to conform to Quality Management System Standard ISO9001:2000


Load v/s Tire:
A “Load Select” switch on the controller permits the operator to select and adjust tire pressures to suit the axle load and terrain condition to improve vehicle mobility.
Kneeling Position:
A “Kneeling” switch on the controller enables the operator to temporarily reduce the height of the truck by deflating the tires to a pressure below 10 PSI to facilitate loading on transport airplanes. 
Independent Front and Rear Tire Pressure Control:
A multi-channel system controls multiple tire groups simultaneously. Two or three channel system, with load select provision is currently available when multiple groups of tires can be inflated or deflated. For an application that requires simultaneous and independent tire pressure adjustment, one manifold per group of tires is used. However, for an economic version, a sequentially actuated single manifold can be utilized.

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